5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

Chile - Jamaica : 6-0
Mexico - Dominican Rep. : 15-0
Trinidad & Tobago - Argentina : 0-8
Barbados - Bermuda : 2-0
Uruguay - USA : 0-2
Canada - Puerto Rico : 15-0

Raining goals in Puerto Rico

A shower of goals on the first day of the 5th Pan-American Junior Championship set the pace for the remainder of the tournament with usual suspects making an early impact on the competition.

South American representatives, Chile, outscored Jamaica 6-0 in the opener thanks to a dominant display of superb skill by Chilean midfielder Carolina Garcia. In response, Jamaica showed a high level of poise and control in the defensive third but eventually could not withstand a barrage of Chilean attacks.

It was a similar story in the third game as tournament favourites, Argentina, overran Trinidad and Tobago 8-0 despite a brave performance from T&T goalkeeper Jennie Carrington, who pulled off a remarkable 15 blocked attempts.

Mexico enjoyed the day's most lopsided score line as they trounced the Dominican Republic 15-0. The Dominican Republic, a recent addition to the Pan-American hockey fraternity, gave a spirited performance which offers encouragement for their future but still have a long way to go.

There was less difference between Barbados and Bermuda in game four, which Barbados won 2-0 by capitalizing better on the chances that came their way.

Game five was tight too as the United States held out for a 2-0 win over Uruguay although both teams showed solid structure, control and excellent basic skills. Uruguay would regret their ineffective use of ball possession, though, as they failed to win a single penalty corner in the match.

The day ended as started with Canada dominating their host Puerto Rico 15  0. The Puerto Rico fans continuously cheered on their team during the few times they crossed the half line.

Look out tomorrow for more exciting games.

Chile vs Jamaica : 6 - 0

 9th  1-0  Carolina Garcia

28th 2-0 Camila Infante
33rd 3-0 Carolina Garcia
43rd 4-0 Carolina Garcia
44th 5-0 Camila Infante
62nd 6-0 Carolina Garcia

Chile: Abud, Constqanza; Donoso, Pilar; Sclabos, Alexandra; Thiermann, Catalina; Infante, Camila; Garcia, Carolina; Fernandez, Maria Jose; Albertz, Beatriz; Walibaum, Sofia; Pizarro, Francisca. (Reserve) Fingerhuth, Cristine; Flores, Francisca; Cabargas, Camila; Wagner, Cristina; Caram, Daniela

Jamaica: Clarke, Patrice; Gordon, Sauwana; Tullonge, Shana-kay; Erskine, Kameisha; Rowe, Rohan; Reid, Krystal; Clarke, Dadre-Ann; Morgan, Flaveya; Elliott, Shareeka, Elliott, Shakeela; Powell, Pikeshia. (Reserve) Buchanan, Tiffany; Glenn, Vanissa; Gaynor, Dana; McLean, Ebony

Umpires: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED); Simmons, Emma (BER); Reserve Umpire: Austin, Leslie (BAR)

Mexico vs Dominican Republic : 15 - 0

Mexico: Gomez, Blanco; Cota, Eliana; Fuentas, Diana; Carmona, Dafne; Guzman, Beatriz (7 goals) ; Aguilera, Mitzi; Paredes, Margarita; Navarro, Michel, Valdes dela Cruz, Jennifer (2 goals); Lopez, Loudres; Navarro, Carmen

Dominican Republic: Acevedo, Juith; Pichardo, Nairobi; Abreu, Beiry; Santana, Dahianna; Sanchez, Norman; Moronto, Benifer; Reynoso, Marisel; Aguasvivas, Danieia; Tino, Ingri Grullon; Feliz, Mariela; Sanchez, Dayhanni M

Umpires: Hess, Lurah (USA); McLean, Ayanna (TRI); Reserve Umpire: Mongeloz, Beatrix (PAR)

Trinidad & Tobago vs Argentina : 0 - 8

 3rd  0-1  Luchetti, Rosario

6th 0-2 Garcia, Yanina
27th 0-3 Mejico, Pilar
30th 0-4 Maria Silvina
33rd 0-5 Garmendia, Ines
39th 0-6 Garmendia, Ines
39th 0-7 Garmendia, Ines
67th 0-8 Maria Silvina

Trinidad & Tobago: Carrington, Jenielle; Lewis, Alana; Alleyne, Nicolette; Willaims, Charlene; Thompson, Kristin; Kirton, Racquel; Layne, Krizia; James, Tonis-Marie; Jaggassar, Kwylan; Charles, Renee; Wallace, Chevanne. (Reserve) Ashton, Avion; Elliot, Vhenise, Chandler, Racine

Argentina: Dominquez, Daniela; Pereyra, Lucia Belen; Mejico, Pilar; Diez, Maria; Silva, Nadia; Bouza, Agustina; Pallitto, Maria Belen; Delia, Maria Silvina; Garcia, Yanina; Luchetti, Rosario; Anton, Silvina. (Reserve) Rivosechhi, Julita; Cerutti, Amalia; Aguirre, Gabriela; Garmendia, Ines

Umpires: Ardanaz, Rosarion (URU); May, Erica (JAM); Reserve Umpire: Simmons, Emma (PUR)

Barbados vs Bermuda : 2 - 0

23rd  1-0  Brewster, Kemi

46th 2-0 Davis, Joanna

Barbados: Alleyne, Ann Marie; Davis, Joanna; Ault, Shrimattee; Howard, Tara; Farnum, Reyna; Downes, Katrina, Millington, Aix; Warner, Charlia; King, Cher; Morris, Telicia; Dyall, Dareece. (Reserve) Hazelwood, Mildred; Lashley, Jehan; Brewster, Kemi; Jordan, Janelle; Carter, Rebecka

Bermuda: Stubbs, Chemmie; Dill, Lakae; Houghton, Tracy; Patterson, Jasmine; Minors, Tae; Beech, Jennifer; Farias, Brittany; Paynter, Stacey; Robinson, Jennah; Robinson, Keishae; Frith, Erica (Reserve) Dunstan, Angela; Fullerton, Melanie; Kent, Vanessa; Rego, Kristen; Cacace, Francesca

Umpires: Takeda Hirata Alicia (MEX); Stewart, Wendy (CAN); Reserve Umpire: Hess, Larah (USA)

Uruguay vs USA : 0 - 2

18th  0-1  Crandall, Lauren

32nd 0-2 Dawson, Rachel

Uruguay: Lerena, Mercedes; Barreiro, Maria; Villa, Cecelia; Fernandez, Pilar; Campos, Patricia; Algorta, Maria; Bomio, Agustina; Gibernau, Carolina; Mondelli, Florencia; Dupont, Veronica; Sanguinetti, Sofia. (Reserve) Lecueder, Soledad; Ibarra, Federica; Pampin , Maite; Vanrel, Magdelene

USA: Hillman, Lori; O'Donnel, Katie; Link, Mia; Stopford, Amy; Crandall, Lauren; Dawson, Rachel; Powley, Lauren; Miller, Brook; Schnepf, Heather; Blair, Katherine. (Reserve) Whitten, Jamie; Lopresti, Cara-Lyn; Falgowski, Katelyn; Fox, Mary

Umpires: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG); Hippler, Christine (GER); Reserve Umpire: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED)

Canada vs Puerto Rico : 15 - 0

 2nd   1-0  Katie Rushton

7th 2-0 Tiffany Michaluk
15th 3-0 Thea Culley
16th 4-0 Katie Baker
20th 5-0 Karen Mann
25th 6-0 Katie Baker
32nd 7-0 Tiffany Michaluk
33rd 8-0 Tiffany Michaluk
35th 9-0 Jessica Denys
41st 10-0 Emma Carbery
43rd 11-0 Thea Culley
55th 12-0 Thea Culley
61st 13-0 Thea Culley
64th 14-0 Tiffany Michaluk
68th 15-0 Katie Baker

Canada: Stone, Amanda; Culley, Thea; Glen, Mary; Rushton, Katie; Michaluk, Tiffany; Carbery, Emma; Baker, Katie; Linton, Hilary; Anderson, Megan; Pendelton, Robyn; Denys, Jessica. (Reserve) Evans, Robyn; Flexman, Tyla; Mann, Karen; O'Hara, Cailie; Bawden, Jamie

Puerto Rico: Fernandez, Melanie; Cruz, Katerina; Daya, Rosario; Santiago, Nathalie; Rivera, Janelisse; Delgado, Patricia; Cherico, Sara; Merced, France; Castro, Olley; Bedares, Coral; Antongiorgi, Rebecca (Reserve) Gelpi, Svetlana; Rodriguez, Alexandria; Rivera, Keila; Rivera, Nicole; Dones, Eleonor

Umpires: Piza Hassan, Nor (MAS); Mongeloz, Beatrix (PAR); Reserve Umpire: Takeda Hirata, Alicia (MEX)