5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

Canada vs. USA : 0-1
Uruguay vs. Barbados : 3-2
Bermuda vs. Puerto Rico : 3-0
Argentina vs. Dominican Rep. : 21-0
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Jamaica : 0-1
Mexico vs. Chile : 1-2

The Penalties Stroke Factor

A successful penalty stroke decided a meeting between the two North American power-houses as United States edged Canada 1-0 to secure first place in "Pool B". Both teams played similar hockey, which focused on using the flanks, quick breaks and physical fitness, but an untimely tackle from Canada's goalkeeper Amanda Stone conceded a stroke that Lauren Crandall scored. Canada striker Tiffany Michaluk worked hard for an equaliser but USA captain and central defender, Rachel Dawson, helped protect their lead with solid defending.

In the following game, an early penalty from Uruguay midfielder Caroline Gibernau decided their affair against Barbados as they won 3-2 in an entertaining, highly competitive game. Cher King and Joanna Davis headed the Barbados attack but will be unhappy not to convert their chances.

Under sweltering midday heat, Bermuda beat Puerto Rico 3-0 in a balanced match despite tireless Puerto Rico striker Alexandra Rodriguez constantly threatened the opposing defense. Bermuda was greatly improved and once Chemmie Stubbs, got the opener the result was never in doubt.

The Argentine, D'Elia, Maria Silvina D'Elia, netted 6 goals in the 21-0 lopsided match up between Argentina and Dominica Republic. While in the following match Trinidad & Tobago was edged 1-0 by Jamaica. Both teams exchanged defensive and offensive roles throughout the match, but a quick pass on top of the circle that lead to the game only goal from Krystal Reid was the decisive moment.

In the final match of the day, Chile bounced back from their 4-0 defeat and beat Mexico 2-1, in what could be the fastest match to date, in the tournament. Although Mexico trailed for most of the game, they continued to challenge Chile and got a consolation goal in the 47th min from Diana Fuentes. The Chileans withstand the Mexicans attacks and retained second position in "Pool A" after earlier goals from Pilar Donoco and captain, Carolina Garcia.

Play resumes tomorrow.

Canada vs. USA : 0-1 (halftime: 0-0)

39th   0-1  Crandall, Lauren (Penalty Stroke)

USA: Hillman, Lori; O'Donnel, Katie; Grant, Katie; Link, Mia; Stopford, Amy; Falgowski, Katelyn; Crandall, Lauren; Dawson, Rachel; Powley, Lauren; Miller, Brook; Blair, Katherine; (Reserve) Lopresti, Cara-Lyn; Fox, Mary; Kendall, Heather; Beans, Laree; Schnepf, Heather;

Canada: Stone, Amanda; Culley, Thea; Glen, Mary; Rushton, Katie; Michaluk, Tiffany; Carbery, Emma; Baker, Katie; Linton, Hilary; Anderson, Megan; Pendleton, Robyn; Denys, Jessica; (Reserve) Evans, Robyn; O'Hara, Cailie; Bawden, Jamie; Mann, Karen;

Umpires: Nor, Piza Hassan (MAS); Hippler, Christiane. Reserve Umpire: Mongelos, Beatriz (PAR)

Uruguay vs. Barbados : 3 - 2 (halftime: 1-0)

16th  1-0  Vanrell, Magdelena (URU)

42nd 2-0 Ibarra, Federica (URU)
47th 2-1 King, Cher (BAR)
52nd 3-1 Dupont, Veronica (URU)
57th 3-2 King, Cher (BAR)

Uruguay: Lerena, Mercedes, Barreiro, Maria; Villa, Cecelia; Fernandez, Pilar; Algorta, Maria; Bomio, Agustina; Gibernau, Carolina; Lecueder, Soledad; Sanguinetti, Sofia; Vanrel, Magdelene; Altieri, Stefania; (Reserve) Mondelli, Florencia; Ibarra, Federica; Dupont, Veronica; Maite; Campos, Patricia

Barbados: Alleyne, Ann Marie; Davis, Joanna; Clarke, Dionne; Jordan, Keisha; Howard, Tara; Farnum, Reyna; Downes, Katrina; Warner, Charlia; King, Cher; Morris, Telicia; Dyall, Dareece; (Reserve) Hazelwood, Mildred; Brewster, Kemi; Carter, Rebecka; Millington, Aix; Morris, Telicia; Lashley, Jehan;

Umpires: Hess, Lurah (USA); Takeda Hirata, Alicia (MEX); Reserve Umpire: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED)

Bermuda vs. Puerto Rico : 3-0 (halftime: 0-0)

41st  1-0  Clemmie, Stubbs (Penalty Stroke)

53rd 2-0 Cacace, Francesca
65th 3-0 Frith, Erica

Bermuda: Stubbs, Chemmie; Fullerton, Melanie; Dill, Lakae; Patterson, Jasmine; Beech, Jennifer; Farias, Brittany; Paynter, Stacey; Robinson, Jennah; Cacace, Francesca; Robinson, Keishae; Frith, Erica; (Reserve) Dunstan, Angela; Minors, Tae; Kent, Vanessa; Rego, Kristen;

Puerto Rico: Fernandez, Melanie; Cruz, Katerina; Daya, Rosario; Santiago, Nathalie; Rivera, Janelisse; Delgado, Patricia; Cherico, Sara; Merced, France; Castro, Olley; Rodriguez, Alexandria; Antongiorgi, Rebecca; (Reserve) Gonzalez, Megan; Rivera, Keila; Rivera, Nicole; Dones, Eleonor

Umpires: Ardanaz, Rosario (URU); Gallardo, Nadia (ARG); Reserve Umpire: May, Erica (JAM)

Argentina vs. Dominican Rep. : 21 - 0 (halftime: 7-0)

 3rd   1-0  Pereyra, Lucia Belen

6th 2-0 Dominquez, Daniela
8th 3-0 Garmendia, Ines
20th 4-0 Maloberti, Daniela Paola
25th 5-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
28th 6-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
32nd 7-0 Dominquez, Daniela

36th 8-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
37th 9-0 Mejico, Pilar
42nd 10-0 Maloberti, Daniela Paola
44th 11-0 Garmendia, Ines
45th 12-0 Cerutti, Amalia
46th 13-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
50th 14-0 Garmendia, Ines
56th 15-0 Pallitto, Maria Belen
58th 16-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
60th 17-0 D'Elia, Maria Silvina
62nd 18-0 Bouza, Agustina
64th 19-0 Pallitto, Maria Belen
66th 20-0 Diez, Maria
68th 21-0 Mejico, Pilar

Dominican Republic: Medina Araujo, Jheymy; Acevedo, Juith; Santana, Dahianna; Aguasvivas, Daniela; Grullon, Ingri; Sanchez, Dayhannys; Sanchez, Norman Cristina; Abreu, Beiry; Reynoso, Marisel; Sanchez, Nelkis; Pichardo, Nairobi; (Reserve) Paulino Mejia, Estrella; Balbuena, Mayuri; Feliz, Mariela; Moronta, Benifer;

Argentina: Dominquez, Daniela; Pereyra, Lucia Belen; Rivosechhi, Julita; Cerutti, Amalia; Mejico, Pilar; Pallitto, Maria Belen; Bouza, Agustina; Rebecchi, Carla; Aguirre, Gabriela; Garmendia, Ines; Anton, Silvana; (Reserve) Diez, Maria; D'Elia, Maria Silvina; Maloberti, Daniela Paola; Luchetti, Rosario;

Umpires: McLean, Ayanna (TRI); Austin, Leslie; Reserve Umpire: Takeda Hirata, Alicia (MEX)

Trinidad & Tobago vs. Jamaica : 0 - 1 (halftime: 0-0)

46th  0-1  Reid, Krystal

Trinidad & Tobago: Carrington, Jenielle; Lewis, Alana; Alleyne, Nicolette; Ashton, Avion; Willaims, Charlene; Thompson, Kristin; Kirton, Racquel; Layne, Krizia; Jaggassar, Kwylan; Charles, Renee; Wallace, Chevanne; (Reserve)  James, Tonis-Marie; Ransome, Dara; Chandler, Racine; Netto, Anastasia; Elliot, Vhenise

Jamaica: Clarke, Patrice; Gordon, Sauwana; Tullonge, Shana-kay; Erskine, Kameisha; Gaynor, Dana; Rowe, Rohan; Reid, Krystal; Clarke, Dadre-Ann; Morgan, Flaveya; Elliott, Shakeela; Powell, Pikeshia; (Reserve) Buchanan, Tiffany; Glenn, Vanissa; McLean, Ebony;Elliott, Shareeka

Umpires: Stewart, Wendy (CAN); Simmons, Emma (BER); Reserve Umpire: Ardanaz, Rosario

Mexico vs. Chile : 1 - 2 (halftime: 0-2)

12th  0-1  Donoso, Pilar (CHI)

22nd 0-2 Garcia, Carolina (CHI)
47th 1-2 Fuentes, Diana (MEX)

Chile: Abud, Constqanza; Donoso, Pilar; Thiermann, Catalina; Infante, Camila; Infante, Denise; Garcia, Carolina; Fernandez, Maria Jose; Albertz, Beatriz; Wagner, Cristina; Walibaum, Sofia; Pizarro, Francisca. (Reserve) Caravajal, Fernanda; Caram, Daniela; Flores, Francisca; Cabargas, Camila;

Mexico: Castillo, Jeszs; Gomez, Blanco; Cota, Eliana; Fuentas, Diana; Carmona, Dafne; Guzman, Beatriz ; Aguilera, Mitzi; Paredes, Margarita; Navarro, Michel, Valdes dela Cruz; Arvayo, Jueny; (Reserve) Navarro, Carmen; Flores, Lilia; Martinez, Guadalupe; Castruita, Raquel

Umpires: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED); Mondelos, Beatriz (PAR); Reserve Umpire: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG)