5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

Mexico - Argentina : 0-8
Uruguay - Bermuda : 5-1
Dominican Rep. - Jamaica : 0-3
Puerto Rico - USA : 0-10
Chile - Trinidad & Tobago : 6-0
Barbados - Canada : 1-3

The End of the Preliminary Round

The final day of the preliminary round started with no surprises as the Argentines beat Mexico 8-0. Argentine's central defender and penalty corner specialist, Daniela Paola Maloberti scored a beaver-trick to seal her team's undefeated record in the preliminary round. Mexico played well and continued to improve, but could not handle the Argentines' various tactical switches and set plays.

The game that followed saw an enthusiastic Bermuda, take the lead in the 26th minute with a deflection from Erica Frith. However, Sofia Sanguinetti equalised for Uruguay, four minutes later, when she converted a penalty stroke from an improper clearance by the Bermudan goalkeeper. A well-executed penalty corner by Federica Ibarra gave Uruguay the lead at the half and they went on to beat Bermuda 5-1. The Bermudans can take comfort in their competitive showing, which was warmly appreciated by the spectators.

The Dominican Republic put up a good fight against Jamaica and held out for a fairly respectful 3-0 loss. Two successful penalty strokes from Jamaican captain Shakeela Elliott and another 70th minute penalty corner, gave the "Reggae Ladies" the edge although the Dominican Republic competed throughout the match and were unfortunate not to have scored.

The USA solidified their #1 position in "Pool B" by trouncing Puerto Rico 10-0 as they prepared for the crossover round of the championships by moving the ball and looking for quick breaks. Once again Puerto Rico challenged for every ball but were unsuccessful against a strong USA team.

Trinidad & Tobago took on Chile with the hope of pulling of a win to take third position in "Pool A" but were unable to match the Chileans' quick plays and ball movement. It was a quick play on the top of the circle, which lead to the opener after 15 minutes from Chile's captain and top goal scorer, Carolina Garcia. Garcia is now tied with, Argentina's Ines Garmendia with 10 goals for top goal scorer of the tournament. The game ended 6-0 in favour of Chile, who would now take on the USA in the crossover.

The last game of the night was packed with excitement as Barbados went head to head with Canada. Level at the half, the Canadians took the lead in the 44th minute which resulted from a bad pass. However, four minutes later Barbados' skillful Joanna Davis, made a sole run and equalised in the 48th minute. The match continued at record pace, when Canada got a penalty corner and converted to take the lead in the 59th minute. It was Megan Anderson who sealed the 3-1 victory of Canada. Barbados will play Mexico in the play off to qualify for 5th and 6th place.

Classification round starts tomorrow.

Mexico - Argentina : 0 - 8 (halftime: 0-3)

 7th  0-1  Maloberti, Daniela Paola

20th 0-2 Maloberti, Daniela Paola
24th 0-3 Maloberti, Daniela Paola
40th 0-4 Aguirre, Gabriela
42nd 0-5 Garcia, Yanina
61st 0-6 Maloberti, Daniela Paola
68th 0-7 Rebecchi, Carla
70th 0-8 Mejico, Pilar

Argentina: Anton, Silvana; Dominquez, Daniela; Rivosechhi, Julita; Cerutti, Amalia; Mejico, Pilar; Silva, Nadia; Pallitto, Maria Belen; Rebecchi, Carla; D'Elia, Maria Silvina; Maloberti, Daniela Paola; Luchetti, Rosario; (Reserve) Aguirre, Gabriela; Garcia, Yanina; Garmendia, Ines;

Mexico: Castillo, Jeszs; Gomez, Blanco; Cota, Eliana; Fuentas, Diana; Carmona, Dafne; Martinez, Guadalupe; Guzman, Beatriz ; Aguilera, Mitzi; Paredes, Margarita; Navarro, Michel, Valdes dela Cruz; (Reserve) Navarro, Carmen; Flores, Lilia; Castruita, Raquel; Arvayo, Jueny;

Umpires: McLean, Ayanna (TRI); Stewart, Wevdy (CAN); Reserve Umpire: Austin, Leslie (BAR)

Uruguay - Bermuda : 5 - 1 (halftime: 2-1)

26th  0-1  Frith, Erica (BER)

30th 1-1 Sanguinetti, Sofia (URU)
35th 2-1 Ibarra, Federica (URU)
37th 3-1 Dupont, Veronica (URU)
43rd 4-1 Gibernau, Carolina (URU)
58th 5-1 Mondelli, Florencia (URU)

Bermuda: Dunstan, Angela; Stubbs, Chemmie; Fullerton, Melanie; Dill, Lakae; Houghton, Tracy; Patterson, Jasmine; Minors, Tae; Farias, Brittany; Paynter, Stacey; Robinson, Keishae; Frith, Erica; (Reserve) Robinson, Jennah; Beech, Jennifer; Cacace, Francesca; Kent, Vanessa; Rego, Kristen; Gillis, Ashley

Uruguay: Barreiro, Maria; Villa, Cecelia; Bomio, Agustina; Lecueder, Soledad; Ibarra, Federica; Storage, Maria; Dupont, Veronica; Pampin, Maite; Sanguinetti, Sofia; Vanrell, Magdelene; Graetz, Erika; (Reserve) Fernandez, Pilar; Algorta, Maria; Gibernau, Carolina; Altieri, Stefania; Mondelli, Florencia;

Umpires: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED); Hippler, Christiane (GER); Reserve Umpire: Austin, Leslie (BAR)

Dominican Rep. - Jamaica : 0 - 3 (halftime: 0-2)

14th  0-1  Elliott, Shakeela
30th  0-2  Elliott, Shakeela
70th  0-3  Clarke, Dadre-Ann

Dominica Republic: Acevedo, Juith; Santana, Dahianna; Aguasvivas, Daniela; Grullon, Ingri; Sanchez, Dayhannys; Sanchez, Norman Cristina; Abreu, Beiry; Reynoso, Marisel; Sanchez, Nelkis; Pichardo, Nairobi; Paulino Mejia, Estrella; (Reserve) Medina Araujo, Jheymy; Balbuena, Mayuri; Feliz, Mariela; Moronta, Benifer;

Jamaica: Mullings, Fayona; Clarke, Patrice; Gordon, Sauwana; Tullonge, Shana-Kay; Erskine, Kameisha; Gaynor, Dana; Rowe, Rohan; Reid, Krystal; Clarke, Dadre-Ann; Morgan, Flaveya; Elliott, Shakeela; (Reserve) Powell, Pikeshia; Buchanan, Tiffany; Glenn, Vanissa; McLean, Ebony; Elliott, Shareeka

Umpires: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG); Hassan, Nor Piza (MAS); Reserve Umpire: Stewart, Wendy (CAN)

Puerto Rico - USA : 0 - 10 (halftime: 0-6)

 6th  0-1   Grant, Katie
15th  0-2   Grant, Katie
20th  0-3   Link, Mia
22nd  0-4   Fox, Mary
25th  0-5   Link, Mia
33rd  0-6   Dawson, Rachel
36th  0-7   Beans, Laree
41st  0-8   Crandall, Lauren
57th  0-9   Hillman, Lori (Penalty Stroke)
59th  0-10  Falgowski, Katelyn

Puerto Rico: Fernandez, Melanie; Cruz, Katerina; Daya, Rosario; Santiago, Nathalie; Rivera, Janelisse; Delgado, Patricia; Cherico, Sara; Merced, France; Castro, Olley; Rodriguez, Alexandria; Antongiorgi, Rebecca; (Reserve) Gelpi, Sveltlana; Gonzalez, Megan; Dones, Eleonor; Rivera, Nicole; Besares, Coral

USA: Hillman, Lori; Kendall, Heather; Grant, Katie; Lopresti, Cara-Lyn; ODonnell, Brianna; Crandall, Lauren; Dawson, Rachel; Powley, Lauren; Miller, Brook; Schnepf, Heather; Beans, Laree; (Reserve) Whitten, Jamie; Link, Mia; Falgowski, Katelyn; Fox, Mary; Blair, Katherine

Umpires: Ardanaz, Rosario (URU); May, Erica; Reserve Umpire: Hippler, Christiane (GER)

Chile - Trinidad & Tobago : 6 - 0 (halftime: 2-0)

15th  1-0  Garcia, Carolina

35th 2-0 Caram, Daniela
47th 3-0 Sclabos, Alexandra
57th 4-0 Infante, Denise
62nd 5-0 Thiermann, Catalina
68th 6-0 Garcia, Carolina

Chile: Abud, Constanza; Donoso, Pilar; Sclabos, Alexandra; Thiermann, Catalina; Infante, Camila; Infante, Denise; Garcia, Carolina; Wagner, Cristina; Caram, Daniela; Walbaum, Sofia; Pizarro, Francisca; (Reserve) Delgado, Alejandra; Flores, Francisca; Fingerhuth, Cristine; Caravajal, Fernanda; Cabargas, Camila;

Trinidad & Tobago: Carrington, Jenielle; Lewis, Alana; Alleyne, Nicolette; Elliot, Vhenise; Thompson, Kristin; Kirton, Racquel; Layne, Krizia; James, Tonis-Marie; Jaggassar, Kwylan; Charles, Renee; Wallace, Chevanne (Reserve) Ransome, Dara; Chandler, Racine; Netto, Anastasia; Ashton, Avion;

Umpires: Simmons, Emma (BER); Hess, Laurah (USA); Reserve Umpire: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG)

Barbados - Canada : 1 - 3 (halftime: 0-0)

44th  0-1  Culley, Thea

48th 1-1 Joanna; Clarke (BAR)
59th 1-2 Flexman, Tyla
69th 1-3 Anderson, Megan

Barbados: Alleyne, Ann Marie; Lashley, Jehan; Davis, Joanna; Clarke, Dionne; Jordan, Keisha; Howard, Tara; Farnum, Reyna; Downes, Katrina; Warner, Charlia; Morris, Telicia; Dyall, Dareece; (Reserve) Brewster, Kemi; Ault, Shirmattee; King, Cher; Millington, Aix; Carter, Rebecka;

Canada: Stone, Amanda; Evans, Robyn; Lee, Alexander; Culley, Thea; Rushton, Katie; Michaluk, Tiffany; Carbery, Emma; Baker, Katie; Linton, Hilary; Anderson, Megan; Denys, Jessica; (Reserve) Pendleton, Robyn; OHara, Cailie; Flexman, Tyla; Bawden, Jamie

Umpires: Mongelos, Beatriz (PAR); Takeda Hirata, Alicia (MEX); Reserve Umpire: May, Erica (JAM)