5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

Cross-over 9-12 - Trinidad & Tobago - Puerto Rico : 5-0
Cross-over 9-12 - Dominican Rep. - Bermuda : 0-2

It's Playoff Time!

Trinidad and Tobago recovered from a wasteful first half to whip hosts Puerto Rico 5-0 in the qualifying round of the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Championships. A sprinkling of Trinidad and Tobago fans saw their team squander 10 penalty corners before Racine Chandler got the opener for the visitors, at the beginning of the second half, after excellent work down the right flank by Trinidad and Tobago captain Nicolette Alleyne. The visitors quickly stretched their lead with goals from Chandler and Alleyne in the 43rd and 46th minutes respectively. Chandler went on to complete her hattrick as Trinidad and Tobago beat a gallant Puerto Rico in the race for ninth place in the tournament.

Although Dominican Republic fell to Bermuda 2-0, it was an excellent achievement in keeping a low scoring game. There was notable visual improvement from the Dominicans players, who connected their passes and challenged Bermuda every step of the game. An early goal from Bermuda, Erica Frith in the 9th minute did not dampen their spirit, as they continuously attack the circle. But, another early goal from Frith in the 38th minute of second half sealed Dominican Republic's faith, who will play Puerto Rico for eleven place in the tournament. Bermuda will play Trinidad & Tobago for ninth place in the tournament.

More play off games continues tomorrow.

Trinidad & Tobago - Puerto Rico : 5 - 0 (halftime: 0-0)

39th  1-0  Chandler, Racine

43rd 2-0 Chandler, Racine
46th 3-0 Alleyne, Nicolette
60th 4-0 Thompson, Kristin
62nd 5-0 Chandler, Racine

Trinidad & Tobago: Ashton, Avion; Lewis, Alana; Alleyne, Nicolette; Elliot, Vhenise; Thompson, Kristin; Kirton, Racquel; Layne, Krizia; James, Tonis-Marie; Jaggassar, Kwylan; Charles, Renee; Wallace, Chevanne; (Reserve) Ransome, Dara; Chandler, Racine; Netto, Anastasia; Carrington, Jenielle;

Puerto Rico: Fernandez, Melanie; Cruz, Katerina; Daya, Rosario; Santiago, Nathalie; Delgado, Patricia; Cherico, Sara; Merced, France; Rodriguez, Alexandria; Gonzalez, Megan; Besares, Coral; Dones, Eleonor; (Reserve) Rodriguez, Edna; Castro, Olley; Gelpi, Sveltlana; Rivera, Nicole;

Umpires: Austin, Leslie (BAR); Ardanaz, Rosario (URU); Reserve Umpire: Mongelos, Beatriz (PAR)

Dominican Rep. - Bermuda : 0 - 2 (halftime: 0-1)

 9th  0-1  Frith, Erica

38th 0-2 Frith, Erica

Bermuda: Robinson, Jennah; Stubbs, Chemmie; Fullerton, Melanie; Dill, Lakae; Minors, Tae; Beech, Jennifer; Farias, Brittany; Paynter, Stacey; Robinson, Keishae; Kent, Vanessa; Cacace, Francesca; Frith, Erica; (Reserve) Dunstan, Angela; Patterson, Jasmine; Uddin, Britany; Robinson, Keishae; Gillis, Ashley

Dominica Republic: Medina Araujo, Jheymy; Acevedo, Juith; Santana, Dahianna; Aguasvivas, Daniela; Grullon, Ingri; Balbuena, Mayuri; Sanchez, Dayhannys; Sanchez, Norman Cristina; Abreu, Beiry; Pichardo, Nairobi; Paulino Mejia, Estrella; (Reserve) Feliz, Mariela; Moronta, Benifer; Reynoso, Marisel; Sanchez, Nelkis; Pichardo, Nairobi;

Umpires: May, Erica (JAM); McLean, Ayanna (TRI); Reserve Umpire: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG)