5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

Cross-over 5-8 - Mexico - Barbados : 4-1
Cross-over 5-8 - Jamaica - Uruguay : 0-2
Semi-final - Argentina - Canada : 3-2
Semi-final - Chile - USA : 1-2

Race to the finish

Barbados lived to regret their inefficiency from penalty corners as they lost 4-1 to Mexico in the cross-over rounds of the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Championships in Puerto Rico. Barbados failed to convert six successive penalty corners in the first half while Mexico banged in three of theirs to qualify for the 5th place play off. The Caribbean team must now contest the 7th place play off. Mexico struck early in the first half through Margarita Paredes but Barbados took control with solid defense from Dareece Dyall and Dionne Clarke. However, the Barbadians were unable to make their period of domination count via set pieces and Mexico rubbed salt in their wounds when Diana Fuentas scored in the 34th minute from their only penalty corner of the half.

In the second half, both teams had equal possession of the ball but Barbados played at least 25 minutes short because of yellow cards awarded against captain Jehan Lashley, Charlia Warner and Dyall. Their penalty corner problems remained. It took a further five attempts before Joanna Clarke scored from a penalty corner for Barbados but it was merely a consolation item as Mexico converted twice from seven set plays to secure the 4-1 win.

In the following game, Jamaica was edged 2-0 by Uruguay after a 0-0 first half. Uruguay spent most of the first half in Jamaica's half, but excellent defensive work from Jamaica's captain, Shakeela Elliott and defender, Patricia Campos kept Uruguay from capitalizing on their opportunities. In the second half, Magdelene Vanrel passed the ball to Florencia Mondelli, who banged it in the goal, giving Uruguay the lead in the 43rd minute. Jamaica stepped up the space and generated three penalty corners, but could not convert. A well-executed penalty corner in the 64th minute taken by Agustina Bomio put the game out reach for Jamaica. Uruguay play Mexico for 5th place and Jamaica will take on Barbados for 7th place.

Argentina survived a 2-0 deficit to defeat Canada 3-2 and earned the right to defend their title in the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Championships. Canada got an early goal through a perfectly placed drag-flick from captain, Jessica Denys in 5th minute of the game from a penalty corner. A loose ball on the top of the circle landed on the stick of Thea Culley, who blasted the ball in the roof of the goal, giving Canada a 2-0 lead. Argentina's fans continuously cheered on their team and were rewarded with a beautifully taken penalty corner from Yanina Garcia, reducing the deficit to 2-1 before the end of the first half. Two minutes into the second half Argentina's Maria Silvina Delia, executed another penalty corner to pull level with Canada. Argentina continued to dominate the game and took the lead in the 64th minute via a powerful strike on the top of the circle from Daniela Paola Maloberti, bring their fans to ecstasy. Canada will play for 3rd place in the championships.

The USA defeated Chile 2-1 in the second semi-finals game and will play Argentina in the finals of the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Championships. The USA enjoyed the better of the exchanges and reaped the benefit of their hard work by executing a penalty corner in the 26th minute, to take the lead. After a save from Chile's goalie, Katie Grant scored again with a nifty follow-through in the 50th minute. Chile's captain Carolina Garcia was out of the game, but got a consolation goal in the 68th minute from a successfully taken penalty stroke. Garcia is now the top goal scorer in the tournament with 11 goals. The USA vice-captain Lauren Powley had an excellent game exhibiting great ball control, making timely passes, tackles and support. Powley and her team will have to play a flawless game to dethrone Argentina in the finals, carded for Sunday March 27th, 2005.

Mexico - Barbados : 4 - 1 (halftime: 2-0)

 3rd  1-0  Paredes, Margarita (MEX)
34th  2-0  Fuentas, Diana (MEX)
57th  3-0  Aguilera, Mitzi (MEX)
68th  4-0  Cota, Eliana (MEX)
69th  4-1  Joanna; Clarke (BAR)

Mexico: Castillo, Jeszs; Gomez, Blanco; Cota, Eliana; Fuentas, Diana; Carmona, Dafne; Martinez, Guadalupe; Guzman, Beatriz ; Aguilera, Mitzi; Paredes, Margarita; Navarro, Michel, Castruita, Raquel; (Reserve) Valdes dela Cruz, Jennifer; Navarro, Carmen; Flores, Lilia; Arvayo, Jueny;

Barbados: Alleyne, Ann Marie; Davis, Joanna; Clarke, Dionne; Jordan, Keisha; Howard, Tara; Farnum, Reyna; Downes, Katrina; Warner, Charlia; King, Cher; Morris, Telicia; Dyall, Dareece; (Reserve) Jordan, Janelle; Ault, Shrimattee; Carter, Rebecka; Millington, Aix; Morris, Telicia; Lashley, Jehan

Umpires: Stewart, Wendy (CAN); Mongelos, Beatriz (PAR); Reserve Umpire: McLean, Ayanna (TRI)

Jamaica - Uruguay : 0 - 2 (halftime: 0-0)

43rd  0-1  Mondelli, Florencia

64th 0-2 Bomio, Agustina

Jamaica: Clarke, Patrice; Gordon, Sauwana; Tullonge, Shana-kay; Erskine, Kameisha; Gaynor, Dana; Rowe, Rohan; Reid, Krystal; Clarke, Dadre-Ann; Morgan, Flaveya; Elliott, Shakeela; Powell, Pikeshia; (Reserve) Buchanan, Tiffany; Glenn, Vanissa; McLean, Ebony;Elliott, Shareeka

Uruguay: Barreiro, Maria; Villa, Cecelia; Fernandez, Pilar; Campos, Patricia; Algorta, Maria; Bomio, Agustina; Gibernau, Carolina; Mondelli, Florencia; Ibarra, Federica; Storage, Maria; Sanguinetti, Sofia; (Reserve) Vanrel, Magdelene; Altieri, Stefania; Dupont, Veronica; Pampin, Maite; Graetz, Erika

Umpires: Hippler, Christiane (GER); Gallardo, Nadia (ARG); Reserve Umpire: Takeda Hirata, Alicia (MEX)

Argentina - Canada : 3 - 2 (halftime: 1-2)

 4th  0-1  Denys, Jessica (CAN)

23rd 0-2 Culley, Thea (CAN)
34th 1-2 Garcia, Yanina (ARG)
37th 2-2 D'Elia, Maria Silvina (ARG)
64th 3-2 Maloberti, Daniela Paola (ARG)

Argentina: Succi, Maria Belen; Dommnguez, Daniels; Pereyra, Lucia Belen; Cerutti, Amalia; Mejico, Pilar; Silva, Nadia; Pallitto, Maria Belen; Rebecchi, Carla; D'Elia, Maria Silvina; Maloberti, Daniela Paola; Luchetti, Rosario; (Reserve) Diez, Maria; Aguirre, Gabriela; Garcia, Yanina; Garmendia, Ines; Anton, Silvana;

Canada: Stone, Amanda; Evans, Robyn; Culley, Thea; Glen, Mary; Rushton, Katie; Michaluk, Tiffany; Carbery, Emma; Linton, Hilary; Anderson, Megan; Mann, Karen; Denys, Jessica; (Reserve) Lee, Alexandra; Baker, Katie; Pendleton, Robyn; Flexman, Tyla

Umpires: Simmons, Emma (BER); Hess, Lurah (USA); Reserve Umpire: Mongelos, Beatriz (PAR)

Chile - USA : 1-2 (halftime: 0-1)

26th  0-1  Grant, Katie (USA)

50th 0-2 Grant, Katie (USA)
68th 1-2 Garcia, Caroline (CHI)

Chile: Abud, Constqanza; Donoso, Pilar; Thiermann, Catalina; Infante, Camila; Infante, Denise; Garcia, Carolina; Fernandez, Maria Jose; Albertz, Beatriz; Wagner, Cristina; Walibaum, Sofia; Pizarro, Francisca. (Reserve) Sclabos, Alexandra; Caravajal, Fernanda; Caram, Daniela; Flores, Francisca;

USA: Hillman, Lori; O'Donnel, Katie; Grant, Katie; Link, Mia; Stopford, Amy; Falgowski, Katelyn; Crandall, Lauren; Dawson, Rachel; Powley, Lauren; Miller, Brook; Blair, Katherine; (Reserve) Lopresti, Cara-Lyn; Kendall, Heather; Beans, Laree; Schnepf, Heather;

Umpires: Hassan, Nor Piza (MAS); Brunekreef, Caroline (NED); Reserve Umpire: Stewart, Wendy (CAN)