5th Pan American Junior Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 16 to 27, 2005

5th-6th place - Mexico - Uruguay : 0-0 (ps: 3-1)
3rd-4th place - Canada - Chile : 1-2
Final - Argentina - USA : 3-1

Argentina Retains Title

Argentina retained their title as the Junior Pan-American Hockey Champions by defeating the USA 3-1 in finals of the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Tournament in Puerto Rico. Quick passes and well-time runs off the ball gave Argentine a well deserved penalty corner, which was superbly executed by Daniela Paola Maloberti to give Argentina a 1-0 lead in the first half. The USA turned up the tempo in the second half, but it was the Argentine, Carla Rebechhi who capitalised on a one-on-one situation to increase the score-line 2-0, in the 37th minute. Argentina put the game out of reach for the USA, when Rosario Luchetti converted a penalty corner in the 60th minute to gain a 3-0 lead. USA reaped benefits for their hard work with a consolation goal from Lori Hillman, of a penalty corner for a final score 3-1. The USA won the silver medal and a spot in the Junior World Cup Championship with Argentina, Canada and Chile, which is scheduled for September 2005 in Chile.

In the previous game, Chile took the bronze medal for the 5th Pan-American Junior Hockey Tournament with a 2-1 win against Canada. Chile controlled the first half and were rewarded with two field goals by Fernanda Caravajal and Camila Infante in the 24th and 27th minute respectively. In the second half Canada played a more purposeful game and capitalized on a penalty corner, which was well-executed by their penalty corner specialist and captain Jessica Denys to bring the score to 2-1. Canada continued to play well, but Chile matched them every step of the way to seal the win. Canada finished 4th in the tournament.

In the first game of the day, Mexico captured 5th position by edging Uruguay 3-1 in the penalty stroke shoot out. After an evenly fought match, which included regulation and extra time both Mexico and Uruguay were unable to score. Beatriz Guzman, Michel Navarro and Guadalupe Martinez scored for Mexico who ended with one stroke to spare. Uruguay finished 6th in the tournament.

The solid defender, Rachel Dawson from the USA was named Player of the Tournament and Jesus Castillo from Mexico was named the Goal Keeper of the tournament. Carolina Garcia from Chile finished with 11 goals and the title of Most Goals in the tournament.

Mexico - Uruguay : 0 - 0 (penalty strokes: 3-1)

Prenalty Strokes Scorers

1-0 Guzman, Beatriz (MEX)
1-1 Gibernau, Carolina (URU)
2-1 Navarro, Michel (MEX)
3-1 Martinez, Guadalupe (MEX)

Mexico: Castillo, Jeszs; Gomez, Blanco; Cota, Eliana; Fuentas, Diana; Carmona, Dafne; Martinez, Guadalupe; Guzman, Beatriz ; Aguilera, Mitzi; Paredes, Margarita; Castruita, Raquel; Valdes dela Cruz; (Reserve) Navarro, Michel; Flores, Lilia; Arvayo, Jueny;

Uruguay: Lerena, Mercedes; Barreiro, Maria; Villa, Cecelia; Fernandez, Pilar; Campos, Patricia; Gibernau, Carolina; Algorta, Maria; Mondelli, Florencia; Dupont, Veronica; Sanguinetti, Sofia; Graetz, Erika; (Reserve) Bomio, Augustine; Altieri, Stefania; Ibarra, Federica; Lecueder, Soledad; Vanrell, Magdelene;

Umpires: Gallardo, Nadia (ARG); Brunekreef, Caroline (NED); Reserve Umpire: Mongelos, Beatriz (CHI)

Canada - Chile : 1 - 2 (halftime: 0-2)

24th  0-1  Caravajal, Fernanda

27th 0-2 Infante, Camila
40th 1-2 Denys, Jessica

Canada: Stone, Amanda; Evans, Robyn; Lee, Alexander; Culley, Thea; Rushton, Katie; Michaluk, Tiffany; Linton, Hilary; Anderson, Megan; Mann, Karen; Denys, Jessica; Bawden, Jamie; (Reserve) Carbery, Emma; Baker, Katie; Pendleton, Robyn; Flexman, Tyla; OHara, Cailie;

Chile: Abud, Constanza; Donoso, Pilar; Sclabos, Alexandra; Thiermann, Catalina; Infante, Camila; Garcia, Carolina; Fernandez, Maria Jose; Albertz, Beatriz; Caram, Daniela; Walbaum, Sofia; Pizarro, Francisca; (Reserve) Fingerhuth, Cristine; Infante, Denise; Caravajal, Fernanda; Flores, Francisca

Umpires: Hess, Lurah (USA); Hippler, Christiane (GER); Reserve Umpire: Simmons, Emma (BER)

Argentina - USA : 3 - 1 (halftime: 1-0)

18th  1-0  Maloberti, Daniela Paola (ARG)

37th 2-0 Rebecchi, Carla (ARG)
60th 3-0 Luchetti, Rosario (ARG)
66th 3-1 Hillman, Lori (USA)

Argentina: Succi, Maria Belen; Dominquez, Daniela; Pereyra, Lucia Belen; Cerutti, Amalia; Mejico, Pilar; Silva, Nadia; Pallitto, Maria Belen; Rebecchi, Carla; D'Elia, Maria Silvina; Maloberti, Daniela Paola; Luchetti, Rosario; (Reserve) Diez, Maria; Aguirre, Gabriela; Garcia, Yanina; Garmendia, Ines;

USA: Hillman, Lori; O'Donnell, Katie; Grant, Katie; Link, Mia; Falgowski, Katelyn; Stopford, Amy; Crandall, Lauren; Dawson, Rachel; Powley, Lauren; Miller, Brook; Blair, Katherine; (Reserve) Kendall, Heather; Lopresti, Cara-Lyn; Schnepf, Heather; Beans, Laree;

Umpires: Stewart, Wendy (CAN); Hassan, Nor Piza (MAS); Reserve Umpire: Brunekreef, Caroline (NED)