2008 Pan American Junior Championships
Mexico City, Mexico
October 6-12

2008 Pan American Junior Championships

Chile - Trinidad & Tobago : 5 - 1
USA - Bermuda : 21 - 0
Argentina - Barbados : 6 - 0
Uruguay - Mexico : 1 - 2

The anticipation to meet the new wave of great international field hockey players is experienced by all of us. It is here in Mexico City were young players will test their understanding about challenging themselves, about competition, about new environments and cultures, about team efforts, and about possibilities.

The organizing committee led by Alicia Takeda Hirata and a superb group of volunteers, were ready for the tournament to start with Chile playing Trinidad & Tobago. The game developed in favor to Chile with great speed in the mid-field and forward lines scoring early in the first half with to great field goals by #7 Manuela Urroz and #9 Cristine Fingerhuth. In the second half Chile score n three more ocations, two field goals #9 Cristine Fingerhuth and #13 Catalina Sclabos and a short corner by #12 Josefa Villalabeitia. Trinidad & Tobago had a successful attacking opportunity scoring their first goal in a short corner by #11 Alanna Gabrielle Lewis.

It was in the second game that a strong USA team displayed a clear purpose for this tournament. Disciplined, fit and eager USA scored 21 well-executed goals, players # 15 Elizabeth Drazdowski (3), Captain #16 Katie O'Donnell (3), #13 Melissa Gonzales (2), #12 Michelle Cesan, #17 Marta Malmberg, #8 Kaitlyn Perrelle (4), #2 Camile Gandhi (2), #3 Tara Puffenberger (2), #14 Katie Reinprecht, #4 Alexis Pappas, and #6 Kathleen Sharkey.

Argentina, widely recognized for their consistent source of technique, skill, creative and daring style of play was challenged by Barbados who defended and slowed down the Argentina�s constant attacking attempts. Barbados�s goalkeeper # 1 Sheena Nicholis was superb closing many options. The first half ended 1-0 to Argentina, goal scored by #11 Macarena Rojas. In the second half Argentina changed gear. Scoring two short corners and three free play goals by #7 Yosi Kakasu, #12 Ana Bertanini, #17 Pilar Campoy, #5 Rocio Sanches Moccia and # 9 Yanina Rojas.

Last game of the day, after a great Opening Ceremony and in an ever-changing weather Mexico beat Uruguay. Mexico scoring two goals, #1 Ahidee Castillo Marin (2, free play and penalty stroke) spoiled Uruguay�s play who scored only one short corner by #15 Sofia Sanguinetti.