2008 Pan American Junior Championships
Mexico City, Mexico
October 6-12

2008 Pan American Junior Championships

Barbados - Mexico : 0-7
Uruguay - Argentina : 1-6
Bermuda - Trinidad & Tobago : 0-9
Chile - USA : 1-1

Barbados - Mexico : 0 - 7

It was an important game for Mexico, they were in third place in their pool with only 3 points, and winning could help them to be in a position of advantage depending on Argentina versus Uruguay�s� game later today.

Mexico commenced their mission at 4th minute with their second short corner with a well executed give and go option giving them the 1-0 lead with # 1 Ahidee Castillo Marin, Ahidee instrumental in Mexico�s accomplishment, later scored 3 more goals in this match.

#10 Michel Navarro Hernandez returned to the play after a one game suspension, scored the second goal in short corner and again in a Penalty Stroke , #12 Alexandra Hernandez Martinez scored in a reverse shot from the right side of the circle for Mexico finishing the first half 6 - 0.

The hard work from each of the Barbados players and fast forwards, specially #11 Nakira Downes and their captain #13 Cher King produced several attacking opportunities that proved successful to create short corners opportunities in the second half. Then again, Mexico managed to defend with great control. The only goal from Mexico�s in the second half was #10 Michel Navarro Hernandez her third goal of the match

Uruguay - Argentina : 1 - 6

These are two teams that know each other well, the winning history favors Argentina. However this is a must win for Uruguay in order to have a chance in the qualifying round.

Within 5 minutes we see two excellent goals: a superb penalty corner in the 3rd minute of the game gave Argentina the lead with #8 Victoria Zuloaga who score in a straight slap shot option, and soon after, Uruguay builds a successful right side attack that #9 Isabel Olaso employed to score.

Argentina fights back, scoring again in two more penalty corner with #5 Roccio Sanches Moccia and then #8 Victoria Zuloaga finishing the fish half of the game 3-1 to Argentina.

In the second half, Argentina set greater demands to Uruguay creating numerous penalty corners except that goals came from free play efforts by #3 Sofia Roman who scored a beautiful reverse shot goal and soon later her teammate #5 Rocio Sanches Moccia. Argentina persisted, in the 65th minute #2 Delfina Merino scored a terrific and final goal of the game. Argentina wins 6-1.

Bermuda - Trinidad & Tobago : 0 - 9

Both team had 0 points to start this game, T&T with two goals for and 12 against is in better position than Bermuda who has 35 goal against.

The modest difference confirmed to be accurate, T &T set the pace of the game and at 10th minute, T &T #9 Tonya Marie James opened the score board with an off paced reverse shot and then scoring again at 18th minute. Before the end of the first half, T&T scored again in an excellent penalty corner option with their Captain #13 Teresa Sachiko Petal Lezama and the last goal with #15 Chemika Ellis to give T & T the lead of 4-0 over Bermuda.

In the second half, T & T was successful in their penalty corners were #11 Alanna Gabrielle Lewis scores the fifth goal for T & T, and #10 Arielle Ramchand-Du Quesnay at 45th, 50th and 57th minute (hat trick) . A great goal at 62th minute was the result of a fast break away from # 9 Tonya Marie James. Bermuda worked very hard earning their only penalty corner at 66th minute of the game. T & T won the game 9-0

Chile - USA : 1 - 1

It is the final game of pool play and perhaps with the anticipation to be most exciting one. Both teams are playing to finish first in their pool and both team have shown great improvements so far.

It was a fast passing game in a hot afternoon. Both teams looking for the open space and trying to make the least errors. The USA�s bench looked calm and in control, the Chilean�s showed a more anxious atmosphere. Chile had a fast start that USA responded well earning the first penalty corner of the game, in spite of this, the Chilean Goalkeeper # 1 Claudia Shuler was outstanding closing three rebounds from eager USA forwards. The first clear chance to score came from Chile�s #9 Cristine Fingerhuth who shot just over the goalkeeper at 19th minute. Chile continued the pressure, with skilful team plays. And it was at 27th minute in a penalty corner pass back to the right post that gave Chile the first goal of the match by player # 8 Cristina Wagner. The first half finished 1-0 lead for Chile.

Both teams in the second half gave us more of the same thrill, the game was fast and full of creative attacks from both teams. Unfortunately, for several minutes, Chile played only with 10 players due to a yellow card. At this point, USA forced Chile to retreat to their own defensive area and their efforts paid off with a superb left attack that #7 Kelsey Kolojejchick successfully make the most of to tie the game. The final result was 1-1. Chile will play Argentina, and USA will play Mexico for tomorrow�s semi final games.