2008 Pan American Junior Championships
Mexico City, Mexico
October 6-12

2008 Pan American Junior Championships

(5-8) Uruguay - Bermuda : 13-0
(5-8) Barbados - Trinidad & Tobago : 1-3
(semi) Argentina - Chile : 1-3
(semi) Mexico - USA : 1-6

Uruguay - Bermuda : 13 - 0

A cool morning great for playing, both teams know that have not chance to qualify for the next Junior World Cup, perhaps their aim for today�s match is to give their players another opportunity to keep developing their international playing ability and play for fifth place.

Uruguay confirmed their superiority, Bermuda�s goalkeepers #12 Brittany Uddin in the first half and # 1 Kryshae Furbert, in the second were very busy, Uruguay build waves of attacks that Bermuda could not deal with

The first goal of the match was at 6th minute with Uruguay�s #6 Bettina Bocca in a penalty corner straight shot option. Uruguay continued, #14 Sofia Mora at the 7th and again at 18th minute, #9 Isabel Olaso scored at 21st, # 13 Mercedes Coates at 22nd and 15th minute, # 18 Agustina Nieto at 26th, #4 Macarena Zas at 33rd and to finish the first half player #11 Bettina Bocca scored their 9th goal at 35th minute. The second half Bermuda spoiled Uruguay�s attempt to continue scoring, with only four more goals scored by #14 Sofia Mora, #8 Janine Stanley, #18 Agustina Nieto and the final score of the game by #9 Isabel Olaso at 55th. Minute. Uruguay won the game 13-0.

Barbados - Trinidad & Tobago : 1 - 3

This is a Caribbean Classic, both teams know each other well and have a long rivalry trajectory; the winner of this game will play against Uruguay for fifth place.

Both teams played conservative hockey, creating safe passing patterns and keeping away from mistakes in their defense area. However, today was T&T that dominated the sore board with a 1-0 in the first half by #11 Alanna Gabrielle Lewis and two great goals in the second half with #10 Arielle Ramchand-Du Quesnay who score at the 49 and 55 minute. Barbados played hard until the end; their great team effort help them to score the last goal of the game at 68 minute by #13 Cher King their captain.

The final score was for 2 �1 to T&T

Argentina - Chile : 1 - 3

The first semi-final game of this afternoon. With Argentina plentiful of superb individual skills and a confident record of success, and Chile a team that has shown a significant improvement over the last yew years, having display perhaps the best effective team work so far in this tournament, this game promised to be an fantastic one.

Argentina maintained greater ball possession throughout the game showing creativeness and flair in their attacks that Chile�s goalkeeper #1 Claudia Schuler controlled resourcefully. Argentina started the game with the first two penalty corner but, it was Chile in the third penalty corner of the game, that showed how much is on the line and #9 Cristine Fingerhuth gives Chile the first goal of the game. The half ended 1-0 for Chile.

Argentina charged back and within 1 minute into the second half #11 Macarena Rojas scored the 1-1 goal after a circle entry from the right side by #5 Rocio Sanches Moccia.

The game continued to offered us great excitement and at 13th minute Chile�s first corner of the second half of the game in a rebound play, #2 Sofia Walbaum scored a superb goal in a reverse shot.

Argentina tried everything and at 24th minute their goalkeeper was substituted by an extra forward. Chile worked hard as a unit and at 66minute they scored their third goal and last goal of the game by #5 Camila Caram.

Today Chile makes history, is a result of many people�s efforts specially the commitment of their coaches Ronald Stein, Alfredo Castro, Diego Wenz and the Chilean Federation.


Mexico - USA : 1 - 6

Last game of the day, and the atmosphere is fantastic. With Chile�s victory both teams have seen that everything is possible if working cooperatively as a team.

Mexico started the game fast, shocking the USA�s defense with a fast attack and a free hit outside the circle that #1 J. Ahidee Castillo Marin touched and gave Mexico the lead at the first minute of the game. Perhaps a wake up call that USA used to their advantage; at 11th, 17th and 27th minutes of the first half players #13 Melissa Gonzales and captain #16 Katie O'Donnell (2) scored great goals in free play.

In the second half of the game, USA gave away several penalty corners that Mexico could not capitalized due to a well structure USA�s defense.

USA looked fitter and more organized team scoring in three more occasions; 43rd minute with # 15 Elizabeth Drazdowski and again two more goals from their captain #16 Katie O'Donnell at 56th and 59th minutes. USA winning 6-1 secures them along with Chile a place in the 2009 Junior World Cup to be held in Boston, USA August 4 to 16.