2008 Pan American Junior Championships
Mexico City, Mexico
October 6-12

2008 Pan American Junior Championships

(7-8) Bermuda - Barbados : 0-4
(5-6) Uruguay - Trinidad & Tobago : 3-2
(3-4) Argentina - Mexico : 8-0
(Final) Chile - USA : 1-2 (aet)

Bermuda - Barbados : 0 - 4

An early game to start the last day of the tournament, Barbados with a slight better record in this tournament than Bermuda is eager to secured the 7th place.

Barbados� captain Cher King #13 scored the first gol of the match in a straight shot penalty corner option. A fast attack created by #11 Nakira Downes helped #9 Shakira Oxley to scored the second goal for Bardados. Then a changed in their penalty corner, with Jill-Marie Squires as a striker allowed the third goal and soon later in the 31st minute of the first half of the game, in another penalty corner in a rebound #2 Sheena Walcott scored the fourth goal for Barbados and last in the game. Bermudas was re-charged for the second half producing several scoring opportunities and did not allow Barbados to score again.

Uruguay - Trinidad & Tobago : 3 - 2

Second game of the day, both teams challenged each other with great heart and determination to earn the fifth place in this tournament.

T&T with better goals scores so far in the tournament; Arielle RAMCHAND-DUQUESNAY (10) with 5 goals, Tonya JAMES (9) with 3 goals and Alanna LEWIS (11) also with 3 goals and a great speed in the forward line, gave T&T the fist goal of the Match in a play that was called controversial by the Uruguay�s bench. Nevertheless, Uruguay charged back with superb team play and with player #4 Macarena Zas who manufactured a right side attack and gave an effective pass to #9 Isabel Olaso who scored Uruguay�s goal to tie the game in a great reverse shot. The first half finished 1-1

In the second half of the game, Uruguay created more goals opportunities and again #9 Isabel Olaso in a penalty corner option, scored Uruguay�s second goal of the match, Isabel� 6th goal in this tournament. In the 60th minute in a penalty corner for T & T, #10 Arielle Ramchand-Du Quesnay tied the game in a rebound shot, that was Arielle�s 6th goal in the tournament. The game was from end to end except, it was for Uruguay at the 66th minute with player #14 Sofia Mora with a superb play and 4th goal in this tournament, that gave Uruguay the Fifth place in this tournament.

Argentina - Mexico : 8 - 0

A significant game, only the winning team will qualify for t the 2009 Junior World Cup in Boston, USA.

Argentina more experienced team with superior individual skills and Mexico with the driving force of two extraordinary and tricky players; #1 Ahidee Castillo Marin and #10 Michel Navarro Hernandez promised to be an interesting game.

The first goal of the game came at 17th minute, Argentina�s #5 Rocio Sanches Moccia passed to a carefully marked #3 Sofia Roman who scored in quick a reverse shot. Argentina�s captain #8 Victoria Zuloaga continue Argentina�s celebration with the second goal of the game with a straight shot in a penalty corner option. Again, #2 Delfina Merino with a superb reverse shot from a tight angle in the left side of the circle gave Argentina the 3-0 lead in the first half of the match.

In the second half, Argentina was strongly marked by Mexico�s defense that concentrated all their players in the back field. However, in their repeated attempts to score in their penalty corners finally gave them more goals with great options, one back to the server #18 Daniela Sruoga and the 5th goal of the game was from #9 Yanina Rojas. #12 Ana Bertanini after a great steal scored the 6th goal and #14 Pilar Campoy in a drag flick scored the 7th goal and the last goal of the match was from a last minute penalty corner by player # 13 Victoria Villalba

Chile - USA : 1 - 2 (aet)

The final game and Gold Medal match of the tournament. Chile and USA have already secured their participation in the 2009 Junior World Cup in Boston, USA, one goal has being accomplished. However, today�s game is about pride and about earning the honor of becoming the very best team at the junior level in the American Continent.

Both USA and Chile have some of the top 10 scores of the tournament. Leading the list, USA�s captain Katie O'DONNELL (16) with 8 goals, USA�s Elizabeth DRAZDOWSKI (15) with 6, Chile�s Cristine FINGERHUTH (9) with 6, Chile�s Andrea GREENE (11) with 4, USA�s Kaitlyn PERRELLE (8) with 4 and Chile�s Camilla CARAM (5) with 3 before starting this game.

The ambiance is great: a full house here at the 1968 Olympic Sport Village�s pitches The first penalty corner came from Chile, however it was well defended. The game was well played by both teams. However, It was #7 Manuela Urroz drove the ball into the circle passing to #9 ball who dove to scored the first goal of the match to Chile and her 7th goal in this tournament

First Half finished 1-0 to Chile

The second half the game continue giving us great display of young talent and effective coaching and, it was USA�s great reverse rebound at 45th minute by player #13 Melissa Gonzales that tie 1-1 to finished the game.

The game is tied and they have to play for the golden goal in 7 minute half, and is USA who won the game 2-1 by their captain #2 Sofia Walbaum